New Highs!

"Last year was bout branding this one about expanding" 
-Benny The Butcher

These words from the Griselda emcee from upstate NY resonate deep within the minds of many as we embrace 2021. We are 25 days into the 1st quarter of this year and it is important that we strive to develop self, beyond how we ended 2020. The difference between those who do and those who do a simple term, action. Deciding to take action and overcome obstacles is a key to life in general and entrepreneurship in particular. 

For 2021 and beyond, we are focusing on expansion. The next level for us as a brand is to seek out to dominate our space in the lace swap culture; by working with sneakerheads, bloggers and other athletic apparel enthusiasts to create FIRE content for our subscribers and customers. Expanding the Get Laced team was a challenge...but as the saying goes "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." These words resulted in us opening up our doors and working with others to establish regular updates for our customers, targeted email/text campaigns and (perhaps the most important) quality content that is NOT just laces with a Call-To-Action (CTA) but also, INFORMATION about upcoming sneaker releases equipped with accompanying laces. 

Content is still king here at Get Laced! 

If you are interested in joining the team please send us an email at or by completing the form found here.

Stay with us during 2021 and beyond.

We on thee way!!!!!

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