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MarLan is an Educator by profession! As an amazing teacher and dynamic administrator, MarLan has changed lives through his unique approach to building relationships with his students. Inspired by a desire to impact lives in a greater manner, MarLan started Get Laced as a means of providing youth athletes and sneakerheads the opportunity to make their sneakers stand out. Having children involved in competitive youth sports and knowing many sneaker collectors, he knew that this was the lane that he wanted to be in.

He has been highlighted in online publications such as Voyage LA, Uncle Eddi3's; has been interviewed and featured on Shopify and was one of the NAACP's Black Entrepreneur's Day grant winners. 

MarLan is a family man; a husband and father of 3 children. Family serves as the foundation of his motivation to financial freedom. The family LLC that he created, ML Parker, LLC, is named after himself, his siblings and his 3 children. 

For MarLan, owning his own business means freedom. He’s created a business that provides him with a means to accumulate income 24/7.  But it was not without its challenges and sacrifices. MarLan struggled to accumulate capital. Any extra money from his 9-5 was re-allocated to the business. He would DJ on weekends, periodically, and put the extra income back into Get Laced. He had to grind to meet the needs of this business in the hours after work. He sacrificed family events, happy hours and countless nights working on the business...sometimes from 6pm to 1-2 am. But it was worth every moment because he was making his dreams come true.

Along with The 7209 Podcast, MarLan also hosts a regular showcase on his Instagram page highlighting small businesses, owns real estate, offers consultations on Equity in Education and has a high demand webinar on "How To Start A Small Business". MarLan’s biggest takeaway from all of this is to always be your own biggest fan: “People will not be excited about your business if you are not. And you can’t be a silent fan either, you have to be loud, infectious and overly dedicated to promoting your business. Keep shining! Remember, the sun does not ask for just shines baby!”


Instagram: @GetLaced._

Twitter: @PrincipalPTheMC

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