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As an upcoming entrepreneur, I know firsthand the struggles of starting and running a business. It takes passion, hard work, and dedication to turn a dream into a reality. That's why I am proud to be the founder of Get Laced Laces, a brand that provides youth athletes and sneakerheads with the means to stand out from the crowd.

Before starting my business, I was a teacher and administrator who always believed in building relationships with my students. I wanted to make a bigger impact on their lives, and that's when the idea for Get Laced was born. However, starting my business was not without its challenges and sacrifices.

I struggled to accumulate capital and had to rely on my 9-5 job to make ends meet. Every extra dollar I earned was re-allocated to the business, and I even had to DJ on weekends to put more money back into Get Laced. Countless nights were spent working on the business, sometimes until 1-2 am, while sacrificing family events and happy hours.

Despite these challenges, I persevered because I knew that owning my own business meant freedom. Today, I'm proud to be the founder of Get Laced and offer consultations on Equity in Education, showcase small businesses, and even host a high-demand webinar on "How To Start A Small Business."

My journey has taught me the importance of being your own biggest fan. If you're not excited about your business, no one else will be either. So keep shining and promoting your business with infectious dedication. Remember, the road to success is never easy, but the struggle is worth it. Connect with me at and follow me on Instagram @GetLacedLaces and Twitter @PrincipalPTheMC to learn more about my journey and Get Laced Laces.

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