Recap! Black Entrepreneur's Day

"Thoughts become things" - Michael Cirilo 

What. A. Weekend.

Were you able to tune in? Did you see it? 

For those who are not aware, on Saturday October 24th, we were recognized for our dedication to the culture and the NAACP, Shopify, Mr. Daymond John and many others collaborated and provided us with a economic grant and mentorship. This amazing experience could not have happened without those who have supported us throughout this journey. 

Shopify is planning on featuring this brand on their social media accounts and their home page in the NEAR future, even to the degree where we will be having a photoshoot with Shopify in just a few short days. 

Stay on your grind. Redefine the Grind (Eric Thomas)

I am fortunate to have a team behind me who push me towards greatness. I'm told that the cheat code is to surround yourself with positive people, I subscribed to that belief and it has yielded amazing results.

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to each of you reading this, as well as those who have not...


MarLan Parker

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