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Giving Back!

In order to need to give. 

That mantra has always stuck with me. When I created this business, I knew that I ultimately wanted to be in a position to help others. From the donations from the proceeds from our Think Pink Laces/Wristbands and Mamba Mentality Laces, to the development of our Socks drive that we are planning this holiday season, we have a focus on helping others. 

Recently I decided to begin what I reluctantly refer to as "Giving Laces". A simple yet, impactful name to describe donating laces to an organization. For those who do not know, I am African-American and an educator. Therefore, choosing a school to kick off this philanthropy opportunity was a no-brainer. 

Savant Prep Academy of Business is located in the city of San Bernardino, CA. It was in this city where I went to college, where I received my first job in education at Cajon High School and (all things considered) it is the city in which I resided during my early 20s. It is also where this business in located. Savant Prep is an elementary school focused on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 

I KNOW these kids are going to love these laces! We are providing enough laces for the entire student body and staff to have a pair!

S/O to Savant Prep. 

Check them out!






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