Searching For Sneaker Heads!

I am searching for SNEAKER HEADS who can model our laces.

We are actively seeking someone who has an exciting collection of sneakers and an eye for creating content. 

If this is you, shoot us an email so we can discuss some options! 

I am thrilled about what else is in store for 2020! Come be a part of it!


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  • John Dillon

    Hi there I’m a 39yr old single father and avid sneaker collector and would love to show off your laces I have purchased off you guys before. I’m always shooting my shoes when I get new pairs of my Instagram if u want to check it out it’s @sneakerhead_dillon and if u want u guys could pick any shoe out of the collection that u would want me to use for a pic every shoe on my Instagram I have so lots of options. Love to here from you. Thanks

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