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Tips and Tools for Raising Happy Kids at Every Age - By Leslie Campos

You love your kids—and you would do anything to ensure their happiness. Sometimes, keeping your little ones satisfied can be a challenge, especially when they reach the "terrible twos" or, later, their tempestuous teenage years. Not to worry. There are many resources available to help ensure your children's wellbeing, whatever their age.

Make Exercise a Fun Group Activity

Exercise is important at any age, promoting good mental and physical health. Make exercise a group activity to encourage kids to get moving.

  • Equip your kids with appropriate athletic gear. Get Laced Laces provides the shoes, laces, and sportswear they need.
  • Get moving as a family with group activities like gardening and outdoor games.
  • Set fitness challenges to work towards together by signing up for races
  • As your child gets older, help them find a team sport they can play with friends.

Give Your Child an Age-Appropriate Mental Health Toolkit

Mental health problems can strike at any age. As a parent, be prepared to help your child navigate complex issues like anxiety or depression.

  • Learn to recognize signs of possible mental health problems in younger children, whose symptoms may be different from those of adults.
  • Teach kids to identify and express their feelings.
  • As your little one gets older, connect them with resources they can use to take control of their own mental health if they aren't comfortable turning to their parents.
  • If needed, find a fitting mental health professional to provide your child with the additional support they need.

Give Your Child Positive Role Models to Look Up To

 Give your child great examples to look up to in life.

  •  You are your child's first role model. Set a great example by pursuing your own goals—such as advancing your existing IT degree or going in a new direction altogether.
  • Role models can also be found outside of the home. Encourage connections with other worthy adults like teachers and athletic coaches.
  • Look to local services like the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for further mentoring opportunities for kids.
  • Help your child identify their own positive role models as they get older by discussing what makes for a good role model with them.

Being a parent isn't always easy. But it's undoubtedly the most rewarding "job" you'll ever have in your life. There are many resources available to help you ensure your children thrive as they grow.

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