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Crafty Checkerboard Laces

Crafty Checkerboard Laces - Get Laced Laces

Crafty Checkerboard Laces

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Whether you are a sneaker enthusiast, or just trying to add a trendy touch to your sneakers, our Crafty checkerboard shoelaces will give your shoes the edge they need. The colors of the checkered pattern hold true to the colors of the boards in the denim game and play off the white and dark tones in many of your favorite pieces of denim. 

Still, looking to add some flare to your sneaker game? These unique checkerboard shoelaces are made from 100% polyester and are durable and richly colored, These laces are also great as replacements for many existing woven-style sports laces.

Checkerboard shoelaces are a fun and stylish way to upgrade your sneakers. With no words needed on these checkerboard laces, they speak for themselves!

Upgrade your sneakers with these checkerboard shoelaces. Get your craft on and make your own sneakers stand out!

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