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Shoe Lace Locks

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Do the laces on your favorite sneakers come undone? Do you find yourself reaching down to tie up your shoes in the middle of a game or a run? Are they so long they get wrapped around each other and get stuck when you walk?

We've all been there. You lace up your sneakers, throw on a pair of lace locks, and then proceed to step into another set of untied sneakers. Perhaps the most common issue for sneakerheads and athletes alike, the Shoe Lace Locks are an easy solution to this problem, keeping your laces taut around your shoes every time. Inbuilt with a simple clip-lock mechanism, our lace locks fasten precisely and easily on top of any shoelaces and can be removed by grasping the small U-shaped end located at the bottom of the unit. Based on a nylon board that fits snugly within a molded plastic casing, our Shoe Lace Locks eliminate knotting (and subsequent falling) when you step. At 1.15 inches in length, these lockers will fit almost all sizes of shoelace eyelets while providing maximum security to prevent your laces from becoming untied during rigorous activity.

The No-Tie Solution is perfect for children and adults alike! Get yours now and lace up your kicks in a snap

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