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#FACTS Laces

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#FACTS Laces

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Nothing sends a loud and clear message of “I’m here for business!” like our Intimidate Blue & Black Laces. These laces are designed to intimidate and quickly bring attention to you, yet remain completely silent during use. Nothing but respect… remember, the strongest man doesn’t always have to yell the loudest!

Dress up your favorite pair of sneakers with these super comfortable and extremely stylish laces. The unique looped ends allow you to easily create bow knots that give the illusion of the “#FACT”.

These laces scream confidence whether you riding or walking around town. With a custom-crafted look and mix of colors, these laces will be sure to make your shoes pop with envy. Add some color and style to your sneakers and intimidate your competition like a boss!

With the blue pair of laces that come with Gold aglets!

Try out our stylish laces now and make an impression today!

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