Mystery Bag

Mystery Bag

Mystery Bag

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Let us surprise you! One mystery bag. Five pairs of laces. You choose the size, and we'll do the rest! 

You never know, you may even end up with an exclusive pair of unlisted laces!

What is a mystery bag, you ask? We let you choose the size of your laces, and then include 5 of our most popular laces and we'll "Mystery-Bag-Ly" surprise you with an exclusive selection of five pairs of laces. 

Sometimes you just want something that's a surprise! We took our whole selection of good stuff, perhaps you will even get the opportunity to own an exclusive pair of our unlisted laces. put them into some mystery bags, and we'll ship them to you. 

Not only does this give you the opportunity to expand your collection with something fresh (or refresh if you're growing tired of a certain style), but getting a random bag means that if there's something, in particular, you are looking for - and we happen to have it in stock - then it will probably be in your bag!

Remember, you'll get to choose the size, so you know that they'll fit and we'll match them up according to your size, and give them to you at a price no one can beat! Now's your chance to get them!


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