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Round Glow Laces (4mm)

Round Glow Laces (4mm)

Round Glow Laces (4mm)

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TO SEE THE GLOW IN THE DARK effects, the laces MUST be exposed to the sun for a few minutes to absorb the light. Then once they are in the dark they will glow! 

Glow in the dark shoelaces! Tie any pair of shoes or boots with our Glow In The Dark shoelaces and you'll find out how easy it is to be noticed–and safer too! Never again will you be left wondering where your shoelaces are when you take off your shoes. These stretchy white and fluorescent yellow glow laces make shoes more fun to wear so you can step out confidently in any low-light situation.

They work great on hiking boots, running sneakers, classic lace-up shoes, high-top sneakers, and almost any other pair of footwear that needs a little extra visibility. They're ideal for wearing to the gym, at night school, or anywhere you might need some extra "glow power" in the dark.

By day, you see our Glow Laces in white. In the dark, they glow a neon green (Cyan). Enjoy the pride and true look of genuine laces with the added benefit of being seen and safely walking through a dark environment.

Order a pair today and Impress your friends and family by lacing up your shoe with these Glow In The Dark shoelaces.

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