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Half-A-Mil Laces

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You’ve heard of the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Well, what about your laces? Intimidate your competition all while being completely silent by stepping it up with these limited edition Half-a-Mil Laces. 

Half-A-Mil Laces! In a league of your own… keep ‘em quiet and look fly while you’re at it! That’s right, these laces are cool not only because of the cleverly embroidered gold “Half-A-Mil" on them, but because they do the talking for you. Half-A-Mil Laces are truly what the market has been missing.

These high-quality laces are made to last but not outlast you. Now you can lace up your sneaks just how you want them to be and still look fly while doing it! These laces also make a  perfect gift for someone special. 

Add these to your order today! Step it up with Half-A-Mil Laces.

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