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Oval Laces

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Oval laces finally arrived! (FINALLY) A little different, a lot better. Do you remember why they're called oval? It's because they are. No more cutting off old laces to fit your sneakers. No more trying to wrap them around your fingers the wrong way and getting a cramp in your hand from fighting with the cable tie on the tongue of your shoe. These laces just hook in and out like any other lace. When laced correctly, these laces naturally look oval; even when misaligned, the 'hole' created is still oval-shaped.

Get rid of those boring round laces and upgrade your shoes with these oval laces! The laces come in a variety of different colors; so you can mix and match, or keep it simple with just 1 color. They are easy to use, lace up your sneakers, and look great in no time. 

Give your sneakers a unique look and feel with these oval laces.

Upgrade your sneaker game today with our premium oval laces and be the envy of your friends!

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