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Tie Dye Gradient Laces

Tie Dye Gradient Laces

Tie Dye Gradient Laces

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If you really love unique and colorful things, you would absolutely love these Tie Dye Laces. These laces were made to bring life to your interior and exterior design ideas. With its unique color fade design that gradually changes from dark to light tones, it can indeed spruce up the appearance of your casual outfits. These laces will surely give you a fresh vibe any time of the day.

Upgrade your sneakers to iconic status with these Tie Dye Gradient Laces. Featuring tie dye gradient print, these laces will definitely make your shoes stand out.

These pop laces are the perfect thing to spruce up a pair of plain white or black sneakers. Not only do they have a cool, colorful tie dye design, but they also have a random mix of colors throughout! Great to give as a gift or to just get for yourself.

Key Features:

  • Express yourself with these fun laces
  • A great way to add personality to your sneakers
  • Comes in two colors for a fun pop of color
  • Print is a tie dye gradient for a unique look
  • Great way to change up your look without having to buy a new pair of sneakers.

Order a pair today and bring life to your sneakers.

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